Punishment of any kind is undesirable and should be avoided, with puppies it’s a training problem and as such you need to be aware of the weakness of punishment as a training device. Training puppies is not rocket science, at times it can extremely rewarding and great fun and at other times hard work for both you and your puppy (just like children). The earlier you teach your dog the better, because there will be less that they need to un-learn.

Positive Reinforcement puppy training is without the doubt the smartest way to train any dog, any breed, any age. Puppies are like sponges-they soak up whatever you teach them. What you have with any puppy is a blank canvass, so take advantage of this opportunity to build a positive relationship with your puppy. One of the best ways to stop most long term behavioural problems is by introducing puppy training at an early age and the essential tools required for this are :-

  • A Puppy (supplied by you)
  • A Clicker (supplied by me)
  • A Bag of treats (supplied by me)
  • Bags of patience and a good sense humour (compulsory)
  • A good dose of common sense ( essential )


puppy training