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You need to start understanding behaviour, only when you understand behaviour can you really understand why:-
Your dog does the things it does THAT YOU LIKE IT DOING or the things THAT YOU DON’T LIKE IT DOING.
COMMUNICATION. The most powerful and effective training tool available.
One of the best ways to communicate to your dog is using OPERANT CONDITIONING. (All about consequences)
Operant conditioning is a learning process through which the behaviour is modified by Positive and Negative reinforcement.
SIMPLY PUT:- “ Give me what I want ” BEFORE “ You get what you want ”
Grandma’s Rules “ Eat your broccoli ” BEFORE “ You get your ice-cream ”
A good way to start your training is using the SMART x 50 technique to reward your dog fifty times (per day) for relaxed behaviour.
Count out fifty pieces of kibble, now every time your dog lies down, rolls onto a hip, lowers his head or anything you really like your dog doing.
Over time you will have a dog who will be much more relaxed at home.

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Presa Canario

They are alert and watchful and will face up to any percieved threat, they can be aggressive with other dogs. Cant stress enough how important training at an early age is with any large breed.

This is Beatrice, a 6 month old Presa Canario – I found this dog to be a joy to work with and particularly keen to learn and a perfect fit for clicker training. The secret now is to keep it that way by giving plenty of mental stimulation and regular excercise .. Below is review from owner Amy ..

” Martin has been an absolute god send to our little family. Weve been to puppy training classes with Beatrice and had little luck with her stress behaviour towards other dogs. She barks, growls and wants to escape the situation. We had been told by other ‘trainers’ to distract her with food while she barks, growls and plays up in the company of other dogs. As we feared, this was instilling aggressive behaviour when we came accross other dogs and even people. As a result, walking Beatrice has been a nightmare and we had no control over her – it got to the point that I couldnt go with my husband on walks as i was petrified with crippling anxiety coming accross other people and dogs .

Martin offered us help and told us he does not train dogs, he shows US how to get the control needed in the home and once we have that control only then do we take it outside. At first this seemed too good to be true, but after 3 hourse we were believers, OMG the response wes incredible!

By the end of the indoor/outside [...]

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Introducing “Skipper” the absolutely stunning 18 month old English Bulldog
that I had the privilege of working with.
This dog has a great trick (that I didn’t teach him) which is to manage to get his head in my coat pocket
without me knowing and waltz off with the odd piece of food, that apart from this dog has a great temperament and is truly
a lovely dog and is more than happy to be “clicker” trained.

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Say hello to “Bowie” the 8 month old French bulldog, this little fellow worked so hard and has done everything asked of him.
Picture 1 was when we arrived, Picture 2 was taken when I was leaving (shattered) .
Absolute joy to work with !!

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