Qualified Canine Psychologist and Dog Trainer

Hello, My name is Martin Shea and I am a qualified canine psychologist and dog trainer. Private training is the main focus of my business, I specialise in home visits and provide one to one training and advice that creates a successful relationship between you and your dog and an ongoing lifestyle plan that you can both rely on.  Dog training can really help! Discovering what is the cause of a dog’s behaviour problem whilst working closely with a client is the only answer, anything else is just a ‘sticking plaster’ cure at best. Do not be fooled by the so called instant fixes.

All dog training sessions will be tailored to suit your particular dog and your lifestyle and will be adapted to suit each dog’s temperament, remember no two dogs are alike.

I will coach you on the techniques I use and explain the theory behind them. The more training and discipline a dog gets the more control you will have and the more freedom the dog will be granted, as a result they will enjoy a happier life (as will you).

Dog’s are opportunists, if any dog (large or small) has the opportunity to do something that feels good, tastes good or is fun it will grasp that opportunity whole heartedly every time. Undesirable behaviour exists, dogs are dogs. Dogs do bad things not because they are ‘bad’, but because they are dogs. What is normal behaviour for a dog could well be seen as undesirable to the owners.

Even though we want to focus on good behaviour, you cannot ignore the ‘bad’ behaviours. All dogs will invariably do some things we don’t like, while it would be ideal if we never needed to correct a dog’s unwanted behaviour it is unrealistic to expect. What is required is training; this is the foundation for all ‘good’ behaviour.


Learning is “a change in behaviour due to experience” as teachers of our dogs we want to try to make as many of these experiences as pleasant as possible and one of the best ways to guarantee this is to train using only ‘Positive Reinforcement’  NOT  ‘Punishment’.

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