Dog Behaviour Problems

The types of Dog Behaviour Problems I deal with on a regular basis are listed below. Dog Training & Obedience training in and around Manchester.

  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Aggression to people

Manchester Dog Whisperer  can help if your dog has behavioural problems using practical solutions and ongoing support.

  • Phobias
  • nuisance barking
  • Toilet training
  • Separation anxiety related disorders
  • Destruction inside & outside of the home

Manchester Dog Whisperer will only ever use positive reinforcement techniques to help with your Dog Behaviour Problems.

Clicker training is our preferred method.  We will never harm or frighten your dog, or you.  We will teach you how to carry on the training and build a strong bond between you and your pet dog.

Dog Behaviour Problems can vary from dog to dog depending on their background and previous training.  Some dogs need to be untrained; untraining is much more time consuming but we have achieved amazing results previously.  No dog with Dog Behaviour Problems is a lost cause. We can help with all Dog Behaviour Problems!

Contact me today to discuss any Dog Behaviour Problems you need addressing.

Dog Behaviour