Clicker training is used for everything from basic manners to competitive dog sports, to solving problems and stopping any undesirable behaviour.  It is an excellent training method to use.

This form of training is all about a change of mental attitude. You will learn how to train specific behaviours instead of using pain to stop those same behaviours.

The result of this form of training leads to happier dogs, happier trainers, better relationships and less frequent behavioural problems.

One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it; you have no certainty until you try.


How It Works

Dogs can learn by ‘Classical Conditioning’ (Learning by association) or ‘Operant Conditioning’ (Learning by Consequences).

In Classical Conditioning the dog learns an association. When a stimulus (such as food) is paired many times with a neutral stimulus such as a bell the dog eventually associates the bell with food.

In Operant Conditioning (Learning by consequences) the dog learns a behaviour that is the dog learns to repeat behaviours that work (Behaviours that are followed by consequences they like) and to avoid behaviours that don’t work (Behaviours that are followed by consequences they dislike).

Clicker training is a form Operant Conditioning using a small plastic box that when pressed makes a ’Click’ sound.  It provides a simple clear form of communication to your dog, the sound of the clicker means the same thing every time, which is WELL DONE, GOOD DOG.

It lets your dog know instantly that what it has just done has earned a reward. This is different from the normal ‘Lure & Reward’ method of training in that the dog concentrates on learning the new behaviour, rather than just following a treat.

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