Positive Reinforcement


You need to start understanding behaviour, only when you understand behaviour can you really understand why:-

Your dog does the things it does THAT YOU LIKE IT DOING or the things THAT YOU DON’T LIKE IT DOING.

COMMUNICATION. The most powerful and effective training tool available.

One of the best ways to communicate to your dog is using OPERANT CONDITIONING. (All about consequences)

Operant conditioning is a learning process through which the behaviour is modified by Positive and Negative reinforcement.

SIMPLY PUT:- “ Give me what I want ” BEFORE “ You get what you want ”


Grandma’s Rules “ Eat your broccoli ” BEFORE “ You get your ice-cream ”

A good way to start your training is using the SMART x 50 technique to reward your dog fifty times (per day) for relaxed behaviour.

Count out fifty pieces of kibble, now every time your dog lies down, rolls onto a hip, lowers his head or anything you really like your dog doing.

Over time you will have a dog who will be much more relaxed at home.

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